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Aju Mbaise fertility pack (5pcs) with spices, a month plan



Aju Mbaise fertility pack

Aju Mbaise for fertility is a combination of AJU Mbaise fresh  herbs and fertility herbs and fruits, blended to be taking within weeks for women trying to conceive or with fertility issues.

A pack contains a wrap with mixed fertility spices and fruits.

Who should take it

  • Women trying to conceive after one year of having regular sex.
  • Women with who had previous miscarriage.
  • Women who wished to boost their fertility, in preparation to get pregnant.

How to get pregnant

Always take your fertility herbal drink, morning and night as prescribed.

Have regular intercourse,before,  within or after ovulation.

Have fun and await the good news .

Call/WhatsApp: 0802 606 6041 to get it.

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