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Infection flush set: the best treatment herb for all kinds of toilet infections and STDs within 15 days

Toilet infections or sexual transmitted diseases are generally uncomfortable for both male and female which often displays symptoms such as itching, pain on urination, staphylococcus, candidacies, rashes, warts, tags, discharge with bad odour and general discomfort in the private area.

Untreated infection leads to development of other infertility related cases and makes the carrier look older than her age. In fact , its frustrating to manage.

Toilet infection / STDs treatment set #12000

Benefits of infection flush set

So, do you know why this infection flush set is recommended to cure that STD & toilet infections ?

  • Because it strengthens the immune system.
  • It contains over 15 high quality herbal ingredients that boosts the natural defense mechanism of the body against pathogens.
  • When combined with healthy lifestyle , helps to prevent contracting viral, bacteria & fungi infections.
  • Clears all unwanted toxins in the body.
  • It prevents reoccurring toilet infection or sexual transmitted disease.

What does the infection flush set consist of

Its the best for any man or woman
The set includes

  1. 3 infection flush to cure the virus from inside.
  2. 1 soap to prevents body itching, spreading boils and skin problem.
  3. 20 inserts (for women) to curb smelly discharge or watery vagina.
  4. 1 antifungal cream for rashes, old marks or dark spots.

How long before I see changes after taking the infection flush

Infection flush set treatment lasts average of 15 days and positive changes starts from the first 7th day, the itching, rashes will stop and massive body wellness. Trust me, your body will never remain the same but for good.

How much is the infection flush set

The infection flush set costs

#12000 .

How To order infection flush set

To order call or WhatsApp 08026066041 

How fast can I get my order

Shipping worldwide is within 48 hours in Nigeria and 3-5 days for international deliveries and delivery fees included.

The infection flush: clears infection within 15 days

Free 1 month followup and healthy lifestyle tips.

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