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How to prevent internal, external bleeding locally with Awolowo leaf ( obiakara)

Siam weed popularly known as Obiarakara in igbo land and Awolowo leaf in Yoruba language, is the fastest first aid treatment in combating bleeding for open wounds , internal bleeding and childbirth bleeding .

This ancient wound healing shrub by Igbo people can also be referred as Chromolaena odorata, Siam weed, Christmas bush, devil weed, obiarakara(meaning a visitor who wants to take over the whole land)  Awolowo leaf.

You must admit that this plant is loved and is found predominantly in West Africa, South and North America, Texas, Mexico and some part of Asia and Australia.

  • Outside Nigeria, this plant is called Siam weed.

local uses of Siam weeds ( obiarakara).

Siam weed (obiarakara)

As I grew up watching my late Grandma use this leaf in so many ways for different purposes and she got result. I too became of a lover of it too.

This plant can arrest both internal and external bleeding within minutes if applied correctly…

When you sustain an injury, the CARDINAL SIGNS are often manifested within minutes.

Signs like inflammation, redness, heat, pain, bleeding and spasms.

How to apply this leaf to achieve immediate result

For open wound:

  1. Pick fresh leaves from the plant, rinse them with clean water and crush them between your palm
  2. Squeeze the extract and apply the liquid directly to the injured site.

For internal bleeding:

  1. Pick a handful of succulent leaves
  2. Wash and blend them for 5 minutes
  3. Filter the supernatant and dry them or discard them if you have no need for them
  4. Pour the juice into a clean glass cup and drink up immediately.

For anti- inflammatory disease

Treat the same way you treat open injury and leave tiny pieces of the leave on the inflamed area

As pain Reliever ( powerful analgesic )

Apply the mashed leaf particles to the site and tie it will a clean bandaged.

  • Allow it to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the degree of the pain

It combat both bacteria and fungal growth.

  • The liquid and extract from the leaf will sanitize the wound and keep if free from pathogens

Other benefits of Siam weeds

I have seen my grandma boil the leaves from this medicinal herb, allow it to cool down and she would store the greenish water in a a clean bottle and force us to drink it.

  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Cure cough and catarrha.
  • Cyst Medicine : is very useful for those of you who wants to heal cyst effectively.
  • Best for Diabetic patients.
  • Boosts immune system and reproductive organs.

Side effects of Siam weeds

Stops the bleeding with 5 minutes but terrible warm burning within the applied areas.

Uses and benefits of awolowo leaves

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