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Toilet infection flush: Procedures and ingredients

Toilet infection or sexual transmitted infection herbs that gives result within 5 days.

This is the process our infection roots undergoes, its not cooked with human heads ooo😂

As Many have questioned what and what made up the infection drinks, especially as it works faster too 💃… . I’m not the video type ooo, but I will keep learning for Instagram too…. .

So, the infection herbs takes care of .

🌿Toilet Infection/STI .


🌿Smelly vagina

🌿watery discharge

🌿itching private part for men & women

🌿Movement in the body


🌿irregular period

🌿Delayed cycle

🌿reluctant ovulation

🌿low libido

🌿stiff stomach

🌿cysts /PCOS


🌿diabetes control

🌿fat detox

🌿and more .
Combination of more than 6 roots and our wonderful burdock roots and black stone that came from Ghana…

After cooking it, we leave in the pot for two days to get the whole nutrients from it before dispatching .

  • lifespan is 3 months .
  • Its a pot filled with so much goodness💃💃💃💃
  • minor purging 😣


Price: #3500 for 2 litres and #4700 for 3 litres.

Delivery : #1000 nationwide

call/whatsapp: 08026066041

Reviews from clients

Terrible rashes disappeared

Delayed period came back within 2 days

Toilet infection of 7 years gone within 2 weeks


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