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How to get pregnant amidst sperm leakage after sex

Do you know that couples with primary or secondary infertility maybe suffering from sperm leakage issues after sexual intercourse or other factors hindering their efforts at trying to conceive.

So, it’s important you consider the following factors that could stop you from conceiving after several years of regular sex and maximize your efforts.

Causes of Sperm leakage after sex

  1.  Bacterial Infection: untreated toilet infection or sexual transmitted diseases.
  2. Dietary Choice: Excessive consumption of fats and sugary foods and obesity.

Retroverted Womb: wrongly positioned womb, mostly caused by abortions

Ways to Naturally Prevent Sperm Leakages:

  • 👉Ideal Sex Position:
    For a woman with a retroverted uterus, the best position to adopt is the missionary position or doggy style, this helps to increase your chances of conception.
  • 👉 Having Orgasm:
    Orgasm is a period of intense sexual climax in a woman, accompanied with spasm of the pelvic muscles which helps to pull sperm into the womb. Reaching orgasm and ejaculating again and again increases a couple’s chances of conception, even if sperm leakages still do occur.
  • 👉Timing sex:
    To ensure adequate sperm enters into the uterus, and to minimize sperm leakages during sexual intercourse, the female partner should place a pillow behind her waist and then remain on her back for at least 20 – 30 minutes, without first dashing off to the bathroom for a wash!
  • 👉Male factor:
    To further enhance the influx of sperm into the uterus the male partner will need to deepen his penetrations, especially at the peak of sexual climax. This will ensure that sperm is ejaculated strategically around the gateway into the womb, increasing his chances of fertilization.
  • 👉Treat infections:

Both parties should treat minor or major infection as a little infection can cause major damage to their reproductive organs.

  • Body detox: Eating healthy and getting ride off unwanted toxins and sugar from the body , giving way for healthy sperm and healthy sexual life .
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