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ዘow to detox your kids with aju mbaise tea

Have you ever wondered whether or not it was safe to use herbs to detox your child?

I mean, most detox teas are always about adults, but children are most  exposed to toxins just like we are. These toxins also build up in their bodies and cause problems.

Now, there are quite a few differing views and opinions on using herbs to detox children, but I believe that detoxing children can be a fine thing if you do it safely. Now, I’m not going to go into the details of how to detox children in this post. You’ll have to wait a bit for that one, but it is coming. Cross my heart!

Today, I’d like to give you an easy recipe for an herbal detox tea for children (or yourself if you’d like). I call it, “Aju Mbaise Gentle Detox,” and it’s a perfect form to use with children on a daily basis if you wish to gently cleanse their system of toxins.

Aju Mbaise flat tummy tea and for post natal recovery

Now, just because this tea can be used on a daily basis doesn’t mean your kid should drink it every day for the rest of his life. No, no no.

It’s meant to be used to occasionally help to cleanse the body when you think your child needs it. Over time, toxins can build up in the body and can lead to health problems.

Benefits of Aju mbaise children detox tea

What are some benefits of having your children do a detox?

  1. Give them a mind-body reset: Doing a detox can reset taste buds and help kick cravings.
  2. Give their weight loss a jump start: The childhood obesity epidemic is real, and it’s difficult to combat. However, having your child detox from certain foods like sugar, grains, dairy or processed foods, can push their weight loss journey into high gear.
  3. Include them in your health journey: Since many parents embark on their own detoxes why not include your kids on that journey? It will make cooking easier if you’re just creating one meal for all, and they’ll experience their own health benefits too.

Things detox can eliminate from their body

Added sugar

Artificial sweeteners

Sugary drinks like sodas, sports drinks or juice

Processed food

Artificial colors or flavors

Junk food

A cup of Aju Mbaise flat tummy tea

How to make Aju Mbaise detox tea for kids

  1. Put one spoonful of honey in a cup
  2. Add hot water to full
  3. Stir the honey and water
  4. Add a teabag of Aju mbaise in the teacup, stir for 15 minutes, press teabag, remove and your kids detox tea is ready.
  5. You can milk if you wish
  6. Drink warm before breakfast or after dinner, but a cup daily for kids .

Note: This method is applicable to adults too, but morning and night for adult.

As you can see, a gentle detox can be a wonderful, health-changing experience for your children. You may even discover that they embrace the changes and carry them forward for a healthier lifestyle.

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