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How to get pregnant using Aju Mbaise fertility herbs

Aju Mbaise for fertility is a combination of AJU Mbaise fresh  herbs and fertility herbs and fruits, blended to be taking within weeks for women trying to conceive.

This fertility set is also very good for irregular period, hormonal imbalance, watery or milky discharge from the breast and good for women suffering from hotness of the  womb as it calms the walls of the stomach down to enable healthy sperm to settle to form a baby.

Aju Mbaise for fertility is different from Aju Mbaise for weight loss, if your trying to conceive, don’t mix the two as the former detoxifies the body while the latter keeps body and womb healthy.

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Today, I will be talking about the common fertility mistakes most of us make or assume.

In as much as most women knows that they need to start taking a prenatal vitamins once they’re pregnant.
But few people knew… That you should actually start taking folic acid supplementation six months before conception.
Next, most couple assume when they are having trouble getting pregnant that it is the woman’s fault. Too bad!

Actually 50% of the time a man is the sole reason for infertility problems, that is why we recommend Manpower herbal roots for the men with low sperm count or low libido.

So it’s really important to not only have the woman worked up, but also the man.

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When to start taking aju mbaise fertility herbal tea
Procrastinating to talk to your doctor may cause more harm than good by elongating the treatment of what should have been dictated and treated earlier.

  1. If you’re under the age of 35, and you’ve been trying for more than a year, it’s time to check in with us and order for your fertility pack.
  2. If you’re over the age of 35 and you’ve been trying for six months, It would be time to seek out medical help to know exactly what went wrong before we can prescribe the herbs for you.
  3. Waiting until after you’ve ovulated to have sex .
    At this point you’ve probably missed your window.
    You actually need to have sex in the days leading up to ovulation, about three to four days before ovulation, and one to two days after, and this is because sperm lives in the body for up to 72 hours, but once an egg is released, it only has about 24 hours of viability, so it’s really important to identify when you are ovulating to start taking the herb.
  4. Next Don’t ignore any health issues you might have.
    If you have high blood pressure or diabetes or toilet infections, these things can keep you from getting pregnant, but we sure will have you treated first, before administrating the herbs.
    So, it’s really important to talk to our herbal doctor and work with our doctor about getting these things under control.

How to get pregnant
Finally, don’t stress out. It can be very easy need to get all worked up and really stressed if you don’t get pregnant right away.

Always take your fertility herbal drink, morning and night as prescribed.

Have regular intercourse, within or after ovulation.

But it’s important to know that only about 35% of couples who will ultimately have a successful pregnancy get pregnant each month.
It can take a while.

So take your Aju Mbaise fertility drink, relax and have some fun.

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Warning – We are registered herbal company under the AM herbal umbrella , RC:2653552, Our herbal products are 100% natural and effective.

Aju mbaise fertility set #15,500

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