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“All the money, worldly possession I have, nothing is compared to you” – Linda Ikeji

Famous Nigerian blogger and former model, Linda Ikeja is pregnant.

She confirmed this on Sunday and also shared some photos in her Instagram page.

Linda, in a post, expressed her excitement as she revealed that becoming a mother is her greatest dream.

She wrote:

“As you all know, I’ve always shared every milestone, every good thing that’s happened to me over the years with you guys and I definitely wanted to also share this joy with you.

“I’ve been wanting to scream about this since I found out many months ago but my family and friends have been telling me to ‘calm down Linda, calm down’…lol. I’m now way into my second trimester, so I guess it’s okay to share my joy.

“Dear son, of every dream I have had, every achievement, every milestone, out of all my accomplishments and titles, all the money and worldly possession I have, nothing compares to you. You are my greatest blessing, my gift from heaven, my greatest dream realized. I love you more than life itself and I can’t wait to meet you and give you so many kisses. And of course, spoil you! You will hear ‘I love you’ loud and clear so many times, you will beg me to stop. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms”

“May God grant you what you desire the most and may all your dreams come true.

“Oh, by the way I’ll be having a baby shower in a few weeks and I will definitely love for some of you amazing, loyal female readers to come celebrate with me. Will communicate when the time comes.”

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