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“I nearly broke my marriage over ‘April Fool’ prank” – woman

Eliza Guta , nearly broke her marriage when she played a prank on her husband on April 1st , popularly called ‘ April Fool’s Day .

 The 23-year-old wanted to give her husband what she thought was a fool’s play, she told him their only son , Tadiwanashe Mazo , was not his biological child.

In an account by H-Metro, the Zimbabwean mother narrated the bitter experience she went through over what she now agrees was a ‘ silly’ joke .

In her words:

“I woke up in the morning without that lie in mind ; but when I saw some jokes on WhatsApp , I decided to tell a lie to my husband without giving a thought to it .

While we were having breakfast , I told him that I wanted to confess something which I have been hiding for the past four years since we have been married .

He then gave me the chance to speak and I told him , ‘ Tadi is not your son but is my ex-lover’s.

When I told him, he went out without saying anything . I thought he was going to come back soon.

He spent the whole day away and he didn’t pick up my calls and that’s when I realised that he was affected by the story.”

Her husband, Lenox Mazo , didn’t return home, but went to his parents’ place to break the news .

His parents called his wife so they could discuss the issue.

“ When I got a call from my mother – in- law, that was when I realised how big the issue was , but I wasn’t’ t scared because I thought of the DNA as my defence, ” said Eliza.

Lenox’s parents insisted that the couple should divorce and that their daughter- in- law must repay all the money that Lenox had spent on taking care of Tadiwa .

Meanwhile one of Lenox’s sisters , Virginia Mazo , was aware of the entire matter, and she stepped in to save her sister- in-law.

“ I was aware of this lie. Eliza informed me via WhatsApp after she noticed Lenox’s reaction; so , I was just quiet, waiting for a time like this, and these chats proved Eliza’s innocence , ” said Virginia .

The conversation between the two proved Eliza’s innocence .

Eliza and her husband got united, but Lenox insisted on having a DNA test just to be sure .

Was the prank too mean ?



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