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“My fiance wants to plant a charm on my body after our wedding; what should I do”

What will you do if your fiancé decides to plant a charm on your body to monitor your chastity after marriage ?

“I am about getting married to my boyfriend of 3 three years. The problem is that he said he will plant a charm in my body so as to know when any other man sleeps with me because he doesn’t trust educated girls like me. I’m actually a beautiful girl in my twenties and men flock around me but I’m not a flirt. I don’t know why he insists on this despite our love for each other.

I also came from a Christian family and practising juju is what no member of my family have ever done before and I feel uneasy undertaking such task.

Please what should I do, should I go ahead with the wedding plans”

~ Regina.

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Dear Regina,

4 flaws dictated from your story:

  1. He is diabolical.
  2. He doesn’t trust nor respect you.
  3. Insecurity
  4. Don’t start what you can’t finish.

You are currently blinded by love that is why you’re still seeking for advice, first of all, he is diabolical and as a Christian how do you intend to cope with him? Your beliefs and values are different, even the Bible said do not be unequally yoked by an unbeliever. Under what religion will your children be raised if you eventually settle down with him.

Secondly, he doesn’t trust you and as such you should wonder the kind of love that will exist without trust and mutual respect in Marriage. Love without trust and respect will not stand the test of time neither will it welder the storm of uncertainties.

Thirdly, an insecure man is a naked weapon because he can go to any length to subjugate you and to show off as the man of the house with or without your interest at heart as He feels you’re better than him so he may want to reduce you to his level and render you miserable.

Finally, do not take an oath that you don’t know it’s source. That charm might affect you negatively in future because it’s coming from an alter you no nothing about and believe me it must have its ulterior motives too because nothing good comes from the devil.

Never accept such condition and flee from such initiation. Don’t be misguided by emotions and live to regret it for the rest of your life.
A man that truly loves you won’t subject you to such terrible condition.

Nobody prays for bad marriage or evil relationship but in life sometimes uncertainties takes place, he maybe everything you want in life now, but what if he changes to worse after wedding or put your life under a threat, or even end up marrying another wife, how will you come out of it, of course not possible; behold you are trapped for life….

Going into such sickening act will cage you under him for life and who knows anything can happen.

Be wise and don’t start what you won’t finish !

Good luck!



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