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She left when I lost my job, now she wants to come back; do I forgive her

Will you forgive a run away wife when life was hitting so hard on you, only for her to show up later to apologize?

He wrote:

I am 40 years old while my wife is 30.
We got married last 2 years but 9 months after our wedding, I lost my job and because of our wedding expenses I had little money left and my wife left me by saying she cannot live with a jobless man.
After a month, the company ejected us from their apartment, she came back and collected all the households items that was given to here during our wedding, insulted me and left me.

I struggled alone, sleeping on the floor for about 15 months .
I survived on begging from my friends but God answered me. I received a phone call from my former work place were I was wrongly accused for stealing money.

My boss told me there was a misunderstanding as the thief is now caught after he made a wrong move.
I was reinstated to work on the same position and the company decided to pay me full salaries with allowances and to make up for the months I was away.
I received this message with great joy and started planning my life again.
However, when I reported for work, I was received with great joy and I was given a cheque of # 1 million naira.
Now the problem is my wife wants to come back after hearing that Am now working, she has been sending me messages and apologizing that her aunty and friends misled her because her aunty trained her from childhood, she was unable to say no to her.

I still love her and wished  things didn’t change between us but what she did breaks my heart anytime I remember it.

What do I please?

~  Austin, Enugu.”


Dear Austin,

Happy for you that luck shined on you and you got your job back while the main criminal is caught. My question for you are these:

– Do you still love her ?

– Can you forgive and still live with her ?

If your answers are Yes, then forgive her and give her a second chance, life is filled with ups and down’s but how we manage them makes the difference.

As newly married couple your problem may have come to her as a heavy blow and  threw her off -balance that she was easily convinced by her Aunty.

Forget what people may say, she has learnt her lesson the hard way and will always feel guilt for stooping so low to leave you behind when you needed her the most.

Her Aunty may also have a major influence on her since she has lived with her for long so she feels she is still indebted to her.

Why punish yourself if you still love her. Call her back and renew your love with her because I believe she still loves you and maybe your also passing through a test.

But if you no longer feel anything for her then divorce her and move on .

But it would be better if you can give her a second chance.

Take care and be smarter in your workplace to avoid another problem.

Good luck !




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