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How Ogbonna Daniella is putting smiles on the faces of celebrants with Concise cake

Ogbonna Daniella is the Founder of Concise cake, a frontier company that specializes in cake baking and event planning for over 10 years in Nigeria.

Despite witnessing the tough and good days in the business, her brand is greatly making waves in Abia State and beyond and still have it’s way of putting smiles on the faces of her clients on their ‘Big Days’ be it wedding, birthdays and anniversaries.

In a chat with Abiadigest she made it clear that her business success and ability to stand the test of time was built on her effort to give the best and deliver on time as every celebrant looks forward to seeing a well made cake before the events starts as it goes a long way in making their day.

In her words:

I have had many people ask me if my cake pictures are photoshopped or they are really so clean.
At concise, what you see is what you get, we are beautiful in and out! We give you a taste that makes you long for more.”

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Follow her Instagram page for more pictures and pickout for all your events.








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