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On why your daughters needs to partake in your Will – Nedy Mathias has a word for you

Only if you knew what happens after your death, you will be in a hurry to write and sign your ‘Will’ and never disinherit your wives and daughters.

Nedy Mathias, a feminist and Facebook influencer shades more light on why your wives and daughters needs their own share of your property for a better life after your demise.

She wrote:

“I received my reviewed Will documents a few days ago and was going through as directed.

When I got to the part of who will get what on my demise, hot tears rolled down my eyes, I was depressed for hours😭😭😭.

When you talk to a Nigerian especially Nigeria’s Christian about will writing, the answer you get is God forbid, death is not my portion. No one is saying that death is your portion but any man or woman who did not prepare for his/her death is a failure.

I was talking with a friend two weeks ago in Nigeria about writing a will and she told me that death is not her portion, that she’s not going to die young. I reminded her that some of our mates that have died did not intend to die young.

When a woman tells her husband to write a will, family meeting will be called on her head and she will be accused of planning to kill the man and inheriting his property.
When you ask most Nigerian men to write their will, they’ll tell you their death is not yet near. People die everyday, young, middle age, old, men and women, even children so how do you know when you’re going to die?

The problem most widows especially of Igbo descent have today is because their husbands did not prepare them for the war ahead, he did not write a will to specify things well enough. They’d rather used their siblings or parents as next of kin which in present day Nigeria is a criteria for inheriting a dead man’s property.

My father of blessed memory died 28 yrs ago, he did not leave a will neither did he leave anything for his wife and children other than landed property which in Igbo traditions automatically belong to his three male children, so the 4 girls and my mother inherited nothing.

I have three brothers and all three believe so much in tradition, in fact the last one wines and dine in tradition. You cannot ask my elder brother anything without him consulting the elders on how to do it traditionally. In fact our last heated argument was that traditionally a woman cannot leave a man, therefore the family has to wait for an abusive man who sees them as ants to bring their daughter back to them. I asked him if they’d prefers this daughter coming back in coffin? That was when his sense rebooted.

These three brothers are yet to share our late fathers property and they have no wills, it’s not even a topic for discussion because death is not coming anytime soon. Thank God for that.

My father died young and maybe as a result of ignorance and tradition he never left anything for his four girls, what then is the point of having children if you’ll isolate them from your property when you’re no more?

If I got 1/100 of what I’m leaving for my children from my father and grandparents, my life would have been different but I’ve overlooked all that. I never want my children to be isolated (father or no father), they’ll inherit every of my estate equally.

As for you who do not believe in equality, don’t have girls, make your children boys only so you don’t have to face the problem of equality in your family.

If I, a WOMAN will write a will to secure my children’s future, why can’t you the man who claim to be the head of the family? How many of you men do your wives know your income?You can’t claim head by mouth, show it by example, your wife is not your enemy, she’s your best friend, share your life with her.

Women on the other hand, I’ve heard stories of women who will have millions in their hands but will make sure she collected the N500 she gave to her children to buy sweet from their husbands as soon as they enter the house. I’ve heard of women who will rather starve the whole family including her children instead of buying a N3000 canister of cooking gas. Isn’t it shameful that these kind of things are seen among us?

If God has given you and you have a man who supports his family, pls support that man, don’t make life a leaving hell for him. Every little helps, the family bonds better this way.

Write your will today and save your family from the sufferings you’ll be gnashing your teeth when you see it from heaven or hell.

Love me or hate me, I’m still yours
Nedy Mathias and I still love you all.”

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