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Lol: “Anytime I remember this; I cover my face in shame”

I Still feel ashamed of myself for this single act even though my wife saved me.

I had got married a year back and we (me and wife) used to live with our parents in a 1 bedroom flat because I was still looking for a job then.

So, one fine day my parents were not at home and we were feeling horny, one thing led to another and we ended in the bathroom having a bath together, there is mostly only 1 bathroom in such flats and it’s not connected to our room. After sometime we heard the doorbell but decided to ignore it but that was our mistake since we didn’t open, my mom unlocked the door with spare key and came in.

That was when it dawned on us that we are stuck in the bathroom with no clothes or towel on, don’t blame me because who would remember to take such things with them in middle of a rosy session; there was no way to get them.

Finally, my wife couldn’t wait any longer and opened the door a bit and asked mom to pass her a towel. She wrapped the towel, went out and jokingly explained to my mom that since we had a bit of alone time as part of our honeymoon, we were bathing together and then she proceeded to give me my towel, I took it and quickly ran to the bedroom closing the door behind me.

While it was very embarrassing as my mom kept laughing at us.

But, I also was proud of my wife that day because of the way she handled the situation.

This one incident made us to plan moving out and we finally did move out after 7 months to enjoy our privacy.

I still respect my wife for that till date!




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