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Slay Mamas: 13 latest fashion designs for pastors wives in 2018

We have done it again, by selecting the best African trending designs this season for our pastors wives as all eyes are always on them, just as pastors are first judged by their ability to preach, their wives are also judged by what they wear.

So, to all our mummy G.O’s we hail you for sustaining the anointing as we bring to you the latest styles to rock this new year filled with higher expectations from the ministry.

Enough of the hats and suits !

Pick your choice and dazzle in them as you welcome back your members on Sundays.

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We know that being a pastors wife is not all that rosy because of the the challenges, struggles and burdens of building a ministry over a long period of time may end of ripping you of your personal times and the things you would really love to do without all-eyes-on- you syndrome.

So, we got your back  this year for the latest African prints and designs.


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