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He Aborted Our Child

Hi Onyii,

I’m 24 years old, working and currently in love with a guy . I met this guy when I came in down to owerri, we loved each other so much.

I gave him my heart and he gave me his, since I met this guy he has never for one day cheated on me, I trust him on this, but he likes it when am always giving him money to the extent that he came to my house last year December and took all the money I saved for that December for something else, he beats me up so carelessly that I’ve gotten used to all that, this guy has taken me to his village and I and him have stayed with the family for over 2weeks before I came back to owerri, the family knows me too well, likewise do my family to him.

He’s romantic and good in bed you know that kinda of love, he cares and shows me love, apart from the thorough beating I do get from him, of which I have gotten used to.
But , he did something very terrible to me earlier this year , when I took in for him this year, he didn’t deny it ooo but he bought me medicine for abortion and lied to me dat it was for my injury because I had a little injury then, after taking the pills, I saw a little blood so I cried out myself because I was even happy about the pregnancy, he said that he did it because I told him that if my mum should know that I have gotten pregnant outside wedlock, she will be given back sit in the church, yes I told him that!
But that is not enough reason to abort our child. After that, I still tasted positive, so he took me to to a hospital for abortion, which cost him yet he did it, am still feeling the lost of my child till now,  I need advice from friends, to know if I should quit with this guy or continue, because he still claims he loves me from the depth of his heart.

Please what should I do? Or is he cheating on me.



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