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He Raped Me; now he wants to marry me

I visited a friend and he set me up with his friends, the five of them.

I shouted but my voice couldn’t beat that of the high stereo, and trust NEPA not to take light when you are in danger and need the power off.

I fought hard, but how many men will I fight, I resorted to pleading, but it fell on deaf ears. I was calling on God to help me. The first guy had his way, and to my surprise when it was time for the second guy to have his. The first guy prevented him and started begging them to leave me. They said no that he has had his way and didn’t want them to have theirs. It wasn’t a small argument. It resulted into a fight. The guy was willing to fight the 4 of them for me .

I got an opportunity and dashed off. I ran out and got home. Told my family and we got the police involved. Got to the venue and met a scene. Blood everywhere. Got them all arrested. The case was later settled out of court as advised. Then I was still too young to decide for myself. The stupid boy who had his way with me had the guts to come with his family that he wants to marry me after he had disvigined me in a very horrible experience.

If I had a gun i would have shot him.

But I let it go and now after many years I tried as much as possible to resist my past from hunting me which I Succeded.

My traditional marriage will take place this month and the secret won’t get to my husband ,it’s my past and it died with my past.

~Better girl


Dear Better girl,

I’m relieved that you have moved on and letting go of that traumatic experience and your decision to keep away from your husband for now.

It’s for the best because some events are better kept as secret, so that no one will use it to taunt you in future.




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